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ಌ шеlсoмe то ιcоηs ву sтернąηιе ಌ

ಌ ιcоηs ву sтернąηιе ಌ
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.·:*¨¨* :·.ಌ Шеlсoмe тo ಌ.·:*¨¨* :·.

Please read the following before using my images.

 Community Etiquette
DO NOT HOTLINK. Save any images to your own server.

For icons, please give credit when you upload your icon into LiveJournal (here), like this:

For images and things, a link back to me would be great:

In general, I won't explode or send you hate mail if you don't credit my images. Just sending a few people my way is fine. ^_^

This is not a tech support community for your journal. If you have a question outside the scope of icons/icon making/requesting, it's probably answered in LiveJournal's FAQ.

Please no advertisements. I will delete any plugs to other communties, as I find the practice rude. Use your own blog/website/message board for promotions.

 Requesting an Image
I'm happy to make custom images/icons/banners/ect for free. Just request in any of my posts (you don't have to be a member to comment.)

Please specify what kind of image you want (icon, blinkie, ect), size (if applicable), colors/text you want used (if applicable), and what picture you want used (please post a link to the image rather than the image itself.)

 Posting Access
To keep things cleaner and more organized, I have disabled member posting. Feel free to comment/request in any comment section.

Anonymous commenting is disabled.

 Member Benefits
Members can browse icons/images not seen by the public.

Want to make my day? If you'd like to show your appreciation for my stuffs, I'd be more than happy to accept donations in the form of Paid Membership for my personal journal here. Thank you!